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About Frango Döner

About Frango Döner

Actually, everything has started like an American dream. We, Frango Döner owners, were jobless in the USA, where we attended Summer Work and Travel program during our college years, and we have been hired to a restaurant. This obligation turned into a hobby after a years and we started to catch admirable flavors in the cuisine of every country we have visited.

As a college graduate Frango Döner owners, in September 2012, we decided to quit the professional jobs and share with you the food culture we have acquired all over the world by blending it with Turkish cuisine. While establishing Frango, which opens its doors in the heart of Istanbul, we aimed to grow our childhood dreams and to make those who love to eat happy while growing up.

In Frango Döner, we offer doner, which is indispensable for Turkish cuisine, together with carefully selected world flavors, in a unique style.

We invite everyone who likes to eat to Frango Döner to taste the best döner and share our excitement.

By the way, we always say;



You can order your döner special taste with 8 different sauces in Frango Döner.

Either one type of sauce or three. The way you desire!


You can eat meat döner or chicken döner with different size in Frango Döner.

Just select your bread, sauce and the size you want. Create your own flavor!


We want you to be satisfied with your döner taste and environment when you are at Frango Döner. For this, we constantly train our colleagues and support them to improve themselves!